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  • ​How to buy a smartwatch or salubriousness tracker in 2017

    If you have an Android phone and you're quite sold on getting a smartwatch, the Samsung Accessories S3 is the best option right now, but that could change formerly older Android Wear watches are updated to Android Chafing 2.0. We're also waiting for Fitbit

  • Smartwatch climax: best timepieces for your wrist

    If you have a Samsung smartphone, or in the end an newer-model Android phone right now, go for the Samsung Accouterments S3 ($349.99). For the iPhone, your best choice remains Apple's own devices, and I am loving the rose gold 38mm Watch Series 2 ($369).

  • Best Android Sport 2.0 apps for your watch: Google Fit, Uber, and more

    Android Abrasion 2.0 is finally here, and that means apps can now be precisely installed on your watch and run without your phone. You will longer need your phone in the vicinity to use apps on your Android Wear device, because rather than of requiring a tethered 

  • 23 best new phones 2017 | New Android phones, new iPhones, new Windows phones

    Due an upgrade? Don't accede to to anything until you've seen our beadroll of the best new phones coming in 2017. We've rounded up the best new Android phones, best new iPhones and best new Windows phones, including the best new Samsung phones, best 

  • Verizon Might Have Introduced the Best Android Abrade 2.0 Watch Today

    Here's something I didn't keep in view to say coming into today: Verizon may have introduced the best Android Debilitate 2.0 watch today. It's OK if you contrive I'm crazy while also not knowing what I'm talking about. You see It's LTE-equipped, has NFC for