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  • Where to Get the Most outstanding Deals on New Android Smartwatches

    LG's latest smartwatch features a 1.38-inch pageant and won't need to be accompanied by a phone to file music, send and receive content messages, or use Android Pay at mobile-equipped chit out registers. Verizon says the LG Also uninterrupted the new

  • Motorola stops selling Moto 360 smartwatch on licensed store

    Motorola appears to have discontinued its flagship smartwatch, just days after Google issued the latest adaptation of Android Wear. Motorola has stopped selling the advance-generation Motorola Moto 360 and Motorola Moto 360 Relaxation smartwatches on the

  • Retrieve £179 on Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and Accessories Fit 2 fitness ...

    Torn between getting a smartwatch or a aptness tracker? Well why not get both with this generous Samsung allot?

  • The smartwatch is gone; long live the smart watch

    The smartwatch, an the whole shebang-plus-the-bathroom-sink close to packing technology into something you wearing on your wrist, is dying. Fortunately, something much more safely a improved is coming in its place: the smart watch . Typically, one would refer to this as a

  • Your kid's favorite toy may be undercover work on you without your permission

    How precarious is a teddy bear or a doll? In the “Internet of Things” era, it's not an loitering question but one for parents and regulators to about seriously. On Monday, Troy Check out, the cybersecurity expert who maintains the “Have I been pwned?” database