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The wearables head continues to grow, but smartwatches are still in an odd appropriate. Companies are finding it hard to supply the idea of a watch that costs $300 or more, yet lacks the longevity or resale value of a unwritten watch. Technology is supposed to make things easier, and for a lot of people smartwatches don’t submit a compelling solution to a problem, making them a icy purchase...

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  • Google is at the end of the day taking fitness seriously with Android Wear 2.0

    Android Wear watches always had some elementary fitness-tracking features. They could oversee steps, distance, calories burned and working minutes. Google Fit will also automatically log workouts. It's nearly the same to what we have seen from Fitbit and Samsung.

  • These are the watches that will update to Android Wear 2.0

    However, David Singleton, Google's villainy president of engineering for Android Wear, said that he believed there's no intricate reason why they couldn't all get the new software. The real Moto 360, Asus ZenWatch, LG G Watch, Samsung Machinery Live and 

  • LG Watch Recreation review: The best standalone smartwatch

    When Google announced Android Wear 2.0 terminal May, we knew standalone/cellular-connected watches were growing to be a major focus. For the last twosome weeks, we've been testing the initial of the bunch: the 4G LTE-ready LG Watch Sport. Is this galloot of a 

  • What's to Like about Samsung's Appliances S3, Plus Android Wear 2

    The few Android Wear users who have an iPhone will locate this rather handy. Of course, now having the App Trust in on the watch is a new feature that makes the Wi-Fi support more gripping. The ability to include a user dignitary and password is critical

  • LG Watch Frisk (Android Wear 2.0) review

    In the superb of finance, Google has finally caught up with the likes of Samsung and Apple with payment functionality on its smartwatch party line. Android Wear works with Android Pay thanks to the NFC sensor in the Watch Lark, meaning your smartwatch

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Android Wear percipient watches let you track your fitness, dekko at alerts & messages, and ask Google for plagiarize - right on your wrist.

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Samsung to inauguration Android Wear smartwatch at Google I/O. The wearable will be one of several new devices built nearly Google software, sources tear a strip off CNET.

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Samsung is done with Android Wear watches, says Tizen is ...
After a conversation with Samsung executives, a report from Fast Train says that "no more Samsung Android Wear devices are in development or being planned."