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  • iPhone owners can now shark on Apple with an Android smartwatch

    Notifications are a big secure for smartwatch buyers, and in order to provide the best contact given Apple's limitations on iOS, Google has tweaked how some apps employment. Specifically, you will find that Gmail notifications are done independently of any

  • Apple On the qui vive for 3 likely to launch in September alongside iPhone 8 ...

    The rumored Apple Await 3 will see quite a bit of changes over its predecessor. Here's the whole shooting match we know so far. - Apple Watch 3 fitting to launch in September 

  • Android Put on with an iPhone still can't compete with the Apple Watch

    I am the guy who wears smartwatches because I like having a few things indubitably accessible on my wrist: the time, my notifications, my steps, and the ride out. But more than anything, a watch is a habit, one I've kept since I got an E.T. pay attention to when I was

  • In the face Having the Same Product Line Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) May Be in for a Comparatively Steady Year

    Another care for the iPhone maker is the sales pattern of its smartwatch. The Apple Pay attention to's sales graph shows a declining trend. In 2015 Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) was masterly to sell about 11.6 million units whereas in 2016 the circle could sell only 10.7 

  • Apple's iPhone may be ripen, but it's still bearing fruit

    The Apple Vigilant, the only new device introduced during Cook's jurisdiction, is the world's best-selling smartwatch. Unfortunately, smartwatches just haven't captured the public vision the way the iPod, iPhone and iPad did during the decade unequalled up to 

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