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  • ​How to buy a smartwatch or fitness tracker in 2017

    Smartwatches and fitness trackers aren't extraordinarily the must-have devices many companies hoped they would be. And no, you don't surely need one. But if you're looking for a arrangement of tech for your wrist, here are the best choices hand now, followed by a

  • The Top Fitness Trackers 2017: The Best Devices On Selling Now

    Whatever your acceptable for wanting to buy one of 2017's best fitness trackers, know on for my pick of the top 5 on the market right now… The Appliances Fit 2 went live last summer, packing quantities of smartwatch-esque features into a slick-looking physique

  • What wearable tech should I buy and which fitness trackers are the best?

    JUST a few years ago, it was pretended that tech nerds were basement-homestead burger botherers with massive waistlines and non-existent group skills. But the next generation of gadget mavens are more proper to be tracking their blood sugar levels than 

  • Now is the finished time to buy a fitness tracker

    The wearables pavilion, where you'd anticipate the big hitters in the segment to be thronging everywhere, has four brands that are relevant in the smartwatch or fitness tracker merchandise, and they're all showing old products. That's not to say the Watchman on the alert for 2 is

  • Smartwatch climax: best timepieces for your wrist

    There are several more new smartwatches coming out promptly in 2017, and more that feature either fitness or fashion before unsullied computer-on-your wrist function. I'll get to those in a little while. In the meantime, if you buy a smartwatch in 2017, know this: you might

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2015 is the year when we were suppositious to have jetpacks and flying cars. In lieu of, we got smartwatches, and just the beginning of that niche has started to system…

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